Premier Wealth Solutions – lifetime benefits

premier income plan The Premier Wealth System PWS, also called the Pizza-Box Formula, was made by Rod Stinson. It is known as the Pizza-Box Formula since Rod thought of this machine at a point one day in his life where he knew he had to change his life and created a brilliant idea, then drew this strategy on a pizza box by his favorite pizza restaurant where he had just ordered from. Rob has over 23 years of expertise in multi-level, network promotion. The system is proven Based on a lot of people who have found success using this program and targets people that are tired of programs that promise big returns, yet are slow paying, have reduced retention and do not deliver on the compensation program. With the Premier Wealth System program, it pays you immediately, not at a particular time monthly. It is a top tier program. Low income tier programs do not encourage retention and there is an average dropout rate of 93. The dropout rate is typically due to the return on investment and is not worth the effort you have to put forth to succeed. In most programs, you will have to work triple time merely to break even.

The focus is on working the right leads. You need leads that already have some experience in home based businesses and have a desire to maximize their income potential with a top tier program. Premier Wealth Systems will give you the tools to concentrate on just serious prospects. This is not a program that offers residual income. It is a program that will help you make enough money selling its own products and a corresponding premier income plan review application that will permit you to then make your own residual income. PWS motivates you to set up multiple streams of income. With PWS is applications, you will only receive prospects that are ready to buy. You would not have to chase prospects. You would not have to pester family or friends to achieve success. The focus is on those that are already business owners. These folks understand the advantages of a home based business, have expertise in online marketing and are open to a different opportunity which offers a greater income.

You will receive a Mechanical advertising system that will create a commission of 1497 or 3497. You receive 100 of the commissions. There are lots of components of this mechanical advertising system. First part is finding qualified prospects eager to send you 1497 or 3497. The PWS program will create 700 to 1500 prospects daily for you. The next component is you do not need to deal with the selling. There are auto responders, postcard follow ups and a sales staff who will take care of the private calls for you. The next element is a tele-seminar in site with your own branding and a 247 webinar advertising system.

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